Connacht Whiskey – Ballyhoo Grain Irish Whiskey
March 14, 2018
Connacht Whiskey – Conncullin Irish Gin
March 14, 2018

Brothership Blended Whiskey

H ave we mentioned that some of our founders are Irish-Americans? Ours is a story of Atlantic crossings, of “goodbyes” and “welcome home,” of holding fast to heritage and building new traditions, but most of all it is a story of family, friends, and neighbours.
To celebrate this history, our master distiller, Robert Cassell, has re-imagined a whiskey that creates something new and different. He combines the best of two traditions, the smooth warmth of Irish whiskey and the rich boldness of American whiskey, into one beautiful product that pays homage to the heritage of each component. Using sourced Irish whiskey that has aged 10 years and sourced American whiskey that has also aged 10 years, Robert has blended the two whiskeys and bottled it at Connacht’s partner distillery New Liberty Distillery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our Brothership Blended Whiskey is now available in both the US and Ireland and was recently awarded a Gold Medal and 92 points (Excellent, Highly Recommended) at the 2017 Ultimate Spirit Challenge.
We can think of no better way to salute the very special relationship between Ireland and America, than to raise a glass of Brothership Blended Whiskey to the health of our families and friends on both sides of the Atlantic. Slainte!