Castelvecchio – Cabernet Franc (2012)
April 17, 2018
Castelvecchio – Pinot Grigio (2016)
April 17, 2018

Cabernet Sauvignon

C abernet Sauvignon is the most structured and important wine of our production and comes from the last grapes harvested at the end of October. The colour is ruby red and it has an intense and harmonious perfume, enriched with myriads of shades that evolve with the ageing. The flavour is full and elegant. It perfectly accompanies meats of every kind.
Harvesting and vinification
First 4 months in stainless steal containers to complete the malolactic fermentation and to favour tartaric precipitation;1 year in small barriques of 225/350/550 litres of Franch, Californian and Austria oaks; 1 year in 7,5, 15 e 25 Hl barrels of Slavonian, Franch and Austrian oaks; 4/6 months in bottles before being traded.
Sensorial features
Color: Intense ruby red color with brown almost dark nuances, which improve the wine structure.
Smell: Vanilla, raspberry, mature fruits and spices flavours of strong intensity.
Taste: Typical, warm, velvety, soft and complex, with long persistence and great structure.