Iam – Pinot Grigio (2016)
April 17, 2018
Iam – Sauvignon Blanc (2016)
April 17, 2018

Pinot Noir (2016)

1 00% estate grown grapes from our Dealul Uberland vineyard. 25% of the grapes were transferred into 1000 kg bins, without being destemmed, then sealed and put through a carbonic maceration fermentation for 10 days in order to produce a strawberry fruity part of the blend. The remaining 75% was destemmed, lightly oaked for 2 months with French oak staves. Finally, our winemakers created a perfect blend of the two types of wine and it was prepared for bottling.
Tasting notes: Gorgeous flavors, almost syrupy in its concentration. Dark, rich and potent, with layers of complex black cherry, raspberry and cinnamon. Deep, with pretty fruit cake and spicy aromatics. Lingering aftertaste.